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The name Fucking Dyke Bitches is a reclamation. It was a slur used by our neighbor in reference to the people living in our house. We decided to name our band fucking dyke bitches as a response to the homophobic atmosphere and acceptance of such homophobia in the south*. It would be careless of us to not acknowledge that the name remains, as it was first perceived, an anti-gay slander. We ask that those of you who identify as queer to call us lovingly by our full name, Fucking Dyke Bitches (even those who do not identify with the word dyke). And those of you who identify outside of a queer prerogative** please refer to us simply as F.D.B. The name Fucking Dyke Bitches needs to be recognized as a fully loaded negative aggression that was meant to belittle and hurt us. Our name is not intended to be fun to say. It is not edgy and exciting to us. As language is a complicated thing, we beg our listeners to be fully conscious of the intentions behind their words. Perceiving our bodies as feminine does not mean we should be labeled as girls. Our "crude" band name does not condone usage of the word bitch either. Fucking Dyke Bitches is a statement for queer celebration and a nod at the things we want to see change.

*acceptance of homophobia refers to the general self acceptance of homophobia by queers and internalized homophobia (which is not just a problem in the south).

**what's is outside the queer prerogative you ask? It cannot be defined simply. My first thoughts would be people who are not LGBTQIQA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Intersex, Questioning, Asexual) identified or allies, but also and more importantly a heteronormative cisgendered straight identified capitalist who hasn't the faintest idea about what the big deal is or isn't.

It's hard to define the term queer. It's defined differently by many people and we aren't saying this definition is the only one. Loosely it's a term that defines our struggle to break out of rigid gender and sexual norms and a term used to express who we want to be without the fear of rejection and being misunderstood. It's something flexible and fluid and that's what makes it so important and unique.

if you have any questions contact us at f.d.b.band@gmail.com


released March 14, 2013

All songs written by FDB. Recorded & mastered by the Joester winter 2013. Album Art by kelsey wolcott.



all rights reserved


FUCKING DYKE BITCHES Seattle, Washington

queer punk band

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Track Name: prohomo

till we can exist beyond
your stupid fucking binary
till we stop the governments ability
to regulate our body identities
till my family can say
that i'm gay and that's okay

It Ain't Over x4

till we are respected for changing
pronouns and or gender
till schools take responsibility
for queers who are bullied
till i don't have to answer questions
"so like you only sleep with women"

It Ain't Over x4

gotta resist gotta
support each other

It took thousands of years to create
a society that perpetuates phobias & hate
But it won't take so long to destroy
it's structures, standards, and traditions.
So we gotta resist gotta support each other

It Ain't Over x4
Track Name: under sheets
▼ Under Sheets ▼

Pursuit of happiness
Pursuit of sex
Pursuit of power
Pursuit of the patriarch
the fuck you
the patriarch
the fuck you
Pursuit of something new

This isn't conquest
This is consent

In the dark under sheets
without asking you touch me

we're not talking but you'll
see how far you can take it
advancing blindly

you don't know what I've seen
what I like or what will
trigger me

In the dark under sheets
without asking you touch me

Pressuring & Objectifying fellow
queers wraps us right back into
the throes of heterosexual norms
& away from a safe, sex positive,
respectful community.
Track Name: fightsong

we fight we fight
yea yea yea yea
at night at night
oh no no no

you always think your
right right right right
i always think your
wrong wrong wrong

i dont need you
unless you want me to
and if you do...
Track Name: fem.fash

come to my front door
say your're a feminist
and then the next night
threaten me with your fists

come to my front door
say you're a feminist
but then you turn around
and call me a bitch

come to my front door
say you're a feminist
and then you critique her
for nasty vag lips

shut the door
shut the door
shut the door
Track Name: community

give back what you take from me

take accountability
quit victim blaming

this is about community
and this is for encouragement
and this is for all your fucked up
power, jealousy, and entitlement
that i let go of and left.
Track Name: boys will be boys
▼ Boys Will Be Boys ▼

boys don't have to be
boys don't have to be
boys don't have to be boys
Track Name: fdb

queer don't see your gender
queer don't see your past
queer dont count your hookups
queer's alright to ask

queer aint only in the west
queer aint on tv
queer aint for the faint of heart
queer is more than he or she

but to you we're still a bunch of
fucking dyke bitches
so we are gonna call ourselves
fucking dyke bitches

more visibility
queer hostility
more visibility
queer responsibility

your mothers fear
aint going away
cause i'm hella gay

but to you we're still a bunch of
fucking dyke bitches
so we're gonna call ourselves
fucking dyke bitchs